2 Aralık 2014 Salı


Rega Brio-R Amplifikatör 1250.- TL http://www.audiophile.org/satilik/amplifikatorler/transistorlu/ilan/25993/rega-brio-r-amplifikator-1250-tl/ Satış Fiyatı: 1.250 TL Rega Brio-R Amplifier The award winning Brio-R embodies all the necessary ingredients to become a hi-fi classic. Housed in our custom half width case, you will find a 73w per channel into a 4 ohms integrated amplifier with a high spec built in phono stage. A unique circuit is built around a substantial toroidal transformer, generous power supply components, a rugged output stage, with the use of film capacitors in the signal path and at all critical positions within the phono amplifier.

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